The first adventure for WinchEnergy, a global, off-grid renewable energy developer, begin in 11 July 2016

Through energy solutions, such as the Remote Power Unit (RPU), Winch Energy are reinventing power generation, electricity distribution and telecommunications for the 1.2 billion people across the globe who do not have access to electricity, running water or communications.
Flying from Catania to Rome and frome Rome to Mauritania, with a stop off in Casablanca, the flight took me around 12 hours in total. The team landed in Nouakchott, the capital, only to find that our luggage had gone missing. After a lengthily chat with customs we decided to go on without it (luckily I had some of my equipment on me, so the documentary could go ahead).
In theory, Nimjat is a 1hr and half drive from Nouakchott, however, the roads are badly paved and many are submerged in large amounts of sand meaning in reality it takes a lot longer (4/5 hr). The team had a military style truck organised to make their drive to the village a bit easier.
I need to give thanks to the Winch engineering team in Mauritania led by Rino, who battled through every obstacle Mauritania threw at them, and there were many!